Application Scaffolding

Consistent applications evolving with tomorrow's trends

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design is constantly evolving. However, in the enterprise, modifications made to existing applications are mainly the result of business requirements and only provide minor UI & UX tweaks. In HCL Domino XPages projects of multiple applications, being able to create a consistent user interface can mean creating an application UI & UX Design that will be in-development for years. With XPages, there are things that can be done to keep applications evolving with tomorrow's trends. We call one of those methods "scaffolding“.

In this demo we will examine a layout grid that could address the application layouts for 99% of our projects. We will show, using the Effichange XPager Suite, a Domino Designer based XPages development platform, how multiple applications can be created automatically with consistent UI & UX Design using scaffolding. We will also show how we use the XPager generated Themes and Theme-friendly XPage scaffolding to easily move from a Dojo Border Container based layout to a Twitter Bootstrap layout without modifying the XPages markup.