Migration On-Demand

Risk-free migration and modernization service

Migration and modernization projects face many challenges

  • Lack of internal buy-in to migrate.

  • No solid examples to support the migration case internally.

  • Fear of scalability and low expectations for success.

  • Expensive and long pilot programs.

  • Cost, Time and resources overrun.

The solution Migration On-Demand™

Migration On-Demand is a service that allows users to see their Notes Client applications in XPages or in ReactJS . Migration On-Demand is aimed at minimizing the impact on the user. All that is required is a Notes template, no data or dependencies are needed. The Notes applications will be converted automatically with XPager. You will be able to see the converted application on-line on a variety of devices. The internal design element and code of the converted application will be presented as well.

You will also be provided with a presentation where we will walk you through the resulting application. There is nothing for you to lose. In most cases customers learn new things about migration and some techniques on how to convert their specific application. You can think of it as an instant training using your own application. It is a true eye opener because it helps prove your business users/owners that conversion can be done at minimal time, cost, resource and risk using XPager.


  • Provide users with the ability to see what the application will look and feel like once it is converted before any investment was made

  • Facilitate internal discussions about the migration and provide a way for business decision makers to form opinions about migration independently from IT.

  • Prove that the development can be cut by up to 90% and more importantly; it can only be done by XPager.

  • The converted application will not be fully functional but will have full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete), will highlight areas that require more attention and will set the correct expectations.

Try Migration On-Demand

To try Migration On-Demand just send an email request to support@effichange.com with a Notes database template (compressed), your name, company name, email and phone number. Please make sure that the compressed Notes database template is smaller than 20 MB, the [Default] ACL is set to Manager and that the database is not locally encrypted. Once the template is received it will be converted using the XPager Suite and the results will be presented to you in an on-line meeting.