XPager Analyzer

Application issues and patterns identification

XPager Analyzer™ is an XPager Suite tool that enables developers to identify conversion issues or patterns of interest using the Domino Designer marker interface.

Analyzer finds patterns in Lotus Notes applications and reporting them in DDE as markers. XPager Analyzer works by running rules against one or more Notes Design Elements, such as Forms, Views and XPages. XPager Analyzer has a collection of built-in supplied rules and it allows users to create custom rules.

Analyzer supports the following rule types:

  • DXL Rules: Find patterns in the DXL of traditional Notes Design elements such as Forms and Views.

  • XSP Rules: Find patterns in the XSP of new style Notes Design Elements such as Xpages and Custom Controls.

  • SSJS @Function rules: Find @Functions and @Commands in SSJS Script Libraries, XPages and Custom Controls.

  • Unsupported XPager rules: Find Unsupported/unconverted elements in XPages and Custom Controls generated by XPager.

XPager Analyzer