Why XPager?

HCL Notes customers’ vision of modernization

HCL Notes® and Domino® is still one of the most prolific application platforms in the world, with more than 10 million custom enterprise applications built on it since the early 1990's. That’s a lot of applications, still exceeding the number of business applications built on competing collaboration platforms such as SharePoint®, Google® or Apple®, combined. Many of these Notes based business applications are mission critical to the organizations running them.

Many HCL Notes and Domino customers have expressed an interest in modernizing, web enabling or mobilizing their Notes applications but have been concerned with the prospect of going through a costly and risky redevelopment or platform migration project. These customers, both large and small are concerned about the future of their Notes applications and their ability to meet the evolving demands of their various stakeholders.

Notes customers’ vision of modernization

Notes customers’ vision of modernization

Reduced Reliance on the Notes Client

Many customers express an interest in reducing their reliance on the Notes client. Some customers want to allow web access for users who only need periodic access to business applications, some of whom are using an alternate platform for day to day mail and calendar functions. Most customers want to web enable their applications, reducing their reliance on the Notes client in an effort reduce their licensing and desktop support costs. All agree that part of their vision of modernization includes meeting the ever increasing end-user demands for access to their business applications via smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, web enabling such applications is seen as a stepping stone towards that vision.

Anywhere, Anytime Access via the Cloud

Many customers see cloud computing as a key component within their modernization vision. The ability to leverage software-as-a-service style hosting, deployment and management of business applications is seen as a key approach to providing anywhere, anytime access to regional, national and globally dispersed user groups.

Modernized Applications

Notes and Domino customers’ vision for modernizing their applications take many forms. Some view modernization as helping deliver business applications at a lower cost and with improved efficiency. These customers want flexible deployment, increased scalability, and an ability to deliver applications on demand. Others want enhancements to application appearance, performance and usability.

Minimal Disruption to Users

Notes customers want to modernize their applications with minimal disruption to their users. This not only included minimizing the burden on users to assess or re-produce application business logic to support application re-engineering, but to also ensure that the UI&UX is modernized in the web/mobile enabled applications allows an easy learning curve for the end-users.

Low Risk and Predictable Outcomes

Risky data migration and lengthy regression testing associated with application redevelopment or platform migration projects are seen as one of the biggest hurdles for Notes customers in reaching their modernization vision. Many are concerned with the variable and unpredictable nature of re-engineering and testing decades old business processes.

Affordable and Realistic Time-frame

With their modernization vision in mind, many Notes customers don’t know where to start or how get there within their current budgets. One large bank for example estimated that they had over 10,000 Notes applications. Given their resource constraints they estimated that a full platform migration would cost tens of millions of dollars and would take over a decade to complete. For them, their modernization vision didn't look so bright, until XPager…

The path to modernization

With the XPager Suite technology and services, Effichange is helping Notes and Domino customers reach their modernization vision. With XPager Notes applications can be converted without changing the application business logic or touching the underlying data, reducing the need for complex data migration and intensive regression testing. Leveraging the XPager technology and services, customers can significantly reduce the time, cost and number of resources required to modernize and web enable the HCL Notes portfolio.

Get there Cheaper, Faster and with Fewer Resources

80% Lower Cost

The savings using XPager can be as high as 80%, more than half, of what platform migration or manual re-writing would cost. For simple applications requiring no additional enhancement post conversion, the savings can run as high as 90%. Multiply those savings by hundreds or even thousands of applications and realize just how economical expert technology and services truly are.

95% Time Savings

In addition to leveraging XPager to modernize the client-server Notes applications at lightning fast speeds, the typical project duration is up to 95% shorter than platform migration or manual methods. The conversion does not touch the underlying data (NSF) or change the applications’ business logic, thus saving significant time and effort on business analysts, programmers, data migration and lengthy regression testing. Often, projects can be budgeted to run in days and weeks, rather than months and years.

80% Fewer Resources

Being able to run projects with up to 80% fewer resources, not only aids in reducing the cost of a large modernization effort, it also greatly reduces the complexity and strain on existing development staff. Working in collaboration with Effichange consultants Notes conversion project can be quickly staffed with the right resources to help completing modernization projects with ease.

XPager is the fastest, easiest and safest means to modernize Notes applications

Fast because…

XPager converts both the UI and some of the business logic found in the original application

Easy because…

The resulting application template contains the new design elements and the original Notes design

Safe because…

XPager works on the application template – leaving your data and security intact and untouched