Customers & Testimonials

"We converted one of our databases with mid-level complexity", says Cynthia Floyd, Programmer/Analyst at Americhem. "Our first step was to send a copy of our database application to Effichange and they converted it to XPages using XPager and presented the results to us for free. This allowed us to get a feel for what the XPager tool could do without any initial investment. We decided to purchase an XPager license and two days of training. Our database was used in the training sessions so additional conversion work was completed during the training. We gained a better knowledge and understanding of the XPages conversion process, but decided to contract with Effichange for development services to complete the XPages conversion of our database. XPager is a powerful tool for use in getting IBM applications converted to XPages. We are very satisfied with the capabilities of the XPager tool and the expertise provided by Effichange. Their XPager tool and support services were a great help in quickly meeting the goal of placing a web front end on our IBM Lotus application. We see XPager as a viable tool for future web enablement of our remaining IBM Notes database applications".


"We found that migrating our applications to other platforms would be costly and time consuming but found that using XPages could allow us to take advantage of existing design work, modernize our applications and reduce completion time." says Jean Gagne, IT Manager at Americhem. "Through our research we found the Effichange XPager Suite and immediately took advantage of their offer to put one of our databases through their conversion process to show us what XPager can do. We were pleased with the initial results, but found that some rework is required. With our limited, in-house XPages expertise we chose to have Effichange provide training as well as contracted them to complete the rework of our database application. This allowed us to experience the process of using XPager to web enable and modernize our IBM Notes application. Our application is production ready and we will be able to solicit feedback from our users on their modern web experience for decision making on future database conversions".

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