The XPager Suite

Automatic web-enablement & mobilization of of Notes client applications

The Effichange XPager Suite™ is a powerful and configurable migration platform to web enable or mobilize HCL Notes applications. XPager empowers developers to convert existing HCL Notes applications automatically, reducing the effort by up to 90%. The XPager Suite enables even novice developers to successfully complete and scale projects with minimal risks, time, cost and resources. By default, XPager supports the automatic conversion of Notes client applications to XPages using Domino as the back-end or away from Domino to ReactJS using the Darwino platform as a back-end.

Key Benefits

  • Provides automatic, easy, effective, and efficient web enablement and mobilization

  • Reduces the time, resource and cost by up to 95%

  • Enables enterprise wide development and conversion efforts

  • Creates new applications in minutes

  • Enables novice developers

  • Significantly reduces the maintenance and training needs

  • Applies corporate standards, industry standards and best practices

  • Learns and automatically applies lessons learned

  • Produces Mobile friendly applications

Key Features

  • Provide out-of-the-box configurations to convert Notes application to XPages or away from Domino to ReactJS

  • Uses "scaffolding" methods to keep applications evolving with tomorrow's trends

  • Generates theme based applications using Bootstrap as the default theme

  • Automatically converts Notes design elements to XPages or ReactJS and Notes Formulas to JavaScript

  • Allows the creation of a single design element or an entire set of applications at once

  • Creates native applications with no dependencies on proprietary software

  • Automatically highlights problem allowing rapid development and problem resolution

  • Highly configurable allowing the application of corporate standards and best practices

  • Provides a set of tools for easy navigation between Notes and converted elements

  • Produces applications with responsive themes that can be used on any mobile device


The XPager Suite set of powerful Domino Designer based tools enable easy conversion of XPages components automatically, provide powerful troubleshooting capabilities and are highly configurable allowing the application of corporate and industry standards, best practices and lessons learned.