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Why XPages?

Platform migration costs and risks make IBM XPages enablement the most viable option

IBM Notes and Domino customers considering the migration of their Notes client applications to other platforms to eliminate the dependency on the Notes client, web enable or mobile enable the applications, enhance usability or lower maintenance/licensing costs should be aware that platform migration of Notes client applications is an expensive and labor intensive task that poses a real and significant risk of business disruption. This risk increases significantly with the number and complexity of Notes applications being migrated. In addition to the almost impossible task of replicating the many IBM Domino capabilities, platform migration requires data migration which increases the number of applications that should be considered for migration to approximately 20%-30% of the total number of Notes applications.

Instead, IBM Domino and Notes customers should consider XPages enabling their Notes applications. This eliminates the need for data migration and will reduce the number of applications that should be considered for enablement to approximately 5%-10% while providing the same goals of a platform migration for a fraction of the cost, effort, resources and risk.

Although at a lower magnitude, manual XPages enablement still poses the risk of business disruption and requires significant cost and effort. In addition, customers find it hard to scale XPages enablement projects or to retrain and use existing staff.

The EffiChange XPager Suite helps IBM Notes and Domino customers close this gap allowing customers easy, effective and efficient XPages enablement of their Notes applications.

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